Box Topper / Pull-Off Card

New for 2010! Peel-A-Deal® Box Topper / Pull-Off Cards are a hit! Attach this convenient branding tool to your delivery or take-out box/bag with a peel off adhesive strip. Your customer simply detaches the perforated coupon card and keeps it in their wallet or purse! Great for Pizzerias, Restaurants, Retail, Dry Cleaners, and more.


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Roly Poly
Box Topper
6 cp


Bambino's Italian
Box Topper
6 cp


Lakeland Food Centers
Box Topper
2 cp


Bruno's Market Pizzeria
Box Topper
6 cp


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Product Details

Below are details of our Box Topper / Pull-Off Card. For more information, Visit our How It Works Page and our Idea Blog!

Product Size: 3.375" x 3.125"
Colors: All Box Toppers / Pull-Off Cards are printed in brilliant full color!
Design: Available for $50 per hour. Box Toppers typically take between 2 and 4 hours. You can also design your own card, download templates here.
Coupons: Available with 2 or 6 coupons.

Patent Numbers (country specific patent numbers must be printed on each card)
Peel-A-Deal® - U.S. Pat. No. 5,417,458; 5,776,287; 6,315,023.
Peel-A-Deal® - Canada Pat. No. 2,153,564; 2,202,939;
Other Patent Pending



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